Friday, 30 March 2012

I am sexy and I know it

Who else that have thick face like mine that admit herself is sexy? Well I am sure there are some sexy readers out there who is really, really sexy. I am sure you know who I meant, especially to those that sent me sexy videos and pictures of their hot bodies or some who even offers me to be my model for the nyotaimori session. *grin*

If you really think you have the assets and would like to get make some money or should I say lotsa money out of it, you can consider creating your adult personals on the adult classifieds to get more people to know about you! Aside of posting your sexy pictures on the adult classifieds, you could also list down the services or ahem adult services that you are offering. Handsome readers out there, if you really do, do let me know ya! 

Having trouble finding a date?

As you guys know I travel a lot and my friends keep on telling me that they are super jealous of me. But what they don’t know is that sometimes traveling alone will be quite lonely, in another word, pitiful. However that was just before I found out about this awesome site, the dating site. Nah, not online dating or finding date online but me finding some friends aka escorts to accompany me to go through the day. Imagine having a handsome hunk to bring me around the foreign city I am visiting? Or having a candlelight dinner with that six-packs, blue eyes hottie? Wow! You are the same thought? Go get some gorgeous male escorts *wink!

And you man wanna find some pretty chicks or a gorgeous lady to accompany you to go some skinny dipping? Find the pretty female escorts then!

Or you are feeling a little naughty? Well the adult friend finder will help you! Have fun with your mousey move and some fingers clicking on your journey to the gorgeous date!

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Thursday, 24 November 2011

Let's naughty together~

Yes, you read it right! Let's naughty together!

Am I crazy after NOT blogging for all these while? No I am not but just that I am getting enough emails from you guys asking me questions like,
“Why women like to dress like a slut?”
“What sexual position does you like the most?”
“Can you post your nude pictures on your blog?”
“Can I send you a video of me masturbating?”
“Can I be your company for sex/party/dinner bla bla bla…”

And zillions more question like these. So, since you ‘love’ me so much then let's get naughty here!

Ops, not here but an awesome <a href="">adult social network</a>. Introducing Plugin…

This awesome adult aka naughty social site is a great place for perverts the people who want to find some fun online. Well, aside of getting a virtual sex you may even get a real one by dating some of these hottie pies here by asking them out! I got to know some people through Plugin that told me that they actually able to get laid by their ‘friends’. In some extreme cases, some youngsters even fell in love with one another. OMFG! How can I believe that is true? But it is. This prove that mommy told me “there are so many funny people in this world” and hell yeah, they are true!
So all you have to do is just sign up an account here, post some pictures of yourself, build up your profile and start seeking that handsome hunk or that sexy chic. I wish I could have get hunks like these…

Looking for boobies? Don't be lazy, go find yourself in Plugin!
Ok, go have fun!

P.S – Try to find my profile in Plugin too ^^

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

The NOT HAMSAP diary

Hi everyone,

I apologise for me being missing in action. I am not gone, I am here but I am working out on my new blog. Yes, you heard it right, new blog. Since I travel a lot recently, I plan to create a new travel blog. Hope you guys will like it. Also some complains that they never really 'see' me in this blog, in the new blog, you will see more pictures of me and less craps. And of course for the female readers out there, I will also blog about make up, fashion and bla bla bla...

Oh yeah, do you realized I changed the name from Jennifer's Hamsap Diary to le blog de princesse. Why?Not that I will not blog about 'hamsap' or naughty stuffs anymore, but I just got too many emails and funny messages/comments from funny people. And even some 'funny videos' too. Anyway these will not make me stop blogging about erotic stuffs but I will just move everything into a new blog that talks only dirty! Haha!

So give me some time and I will come back with more interesting stories to tell. Don't forget me and do come back from time to time. I love you all~


Monday, 27 December 2010

Do you think I need anti-thief posters?

Do you think I should stick something like these outside my house or my car?

You may find it funny but to someone who was rob twice in a month, it is not funny at all!!
First my bag was stolen during my visit to the petrol station. It was around 7.30pm and at a petrol station right on the street and the petrol station was brightly lit and crowded. So I walk to pay inside before pumping the petrol, pumped and went back into the car and my PINK BAG is gone! At first I thought I put it somewhere else but then this guy who works at the petrol station told me someone who was riding a motocycle open my door and took the bag. WTF
He is mute? Can't he just 'woi!' His 'woi' may have already save my bag. Sob

I know I heard you said I am careless, but hey I put the bag under the seats and covered by a HUGE jacket and I did LOCKED my car! When I checked at the CCTV, I realised this guy has a funny device that could unlock my car. At first he tried to open my car's door but of course it was locked! Then he use a small device look like a car's remote control and press a button and my car's door is unlocked! He took the bag, closed the door and there goes my Coach bag, 2 handphones and a camera... Sigh...

Then I tell myself, next time everything must keep properly at home. Bringing them out isn't safe, so am I right?

NO! It's a BIG wrong because two weeks later, this happened.....

Yes, thieves broke into my house and stole all my money and jeweleries. Everything gone.. Sigh
Lesson learned: not a single place in Malaysia is safe. Just spend all your money once you have it or else... sigh.......

This year is bad year for me I guess. Hope that 2011 is a better year for me then.

Monday, 22 March 2010

Lessons for guys

I love shoes and bags as much as I love my clothes.
Have you heard of this?

MYTH: Girls will never have enough shoes/bags.
FACT: Girls are always having TOO LITTLE of shoes, bags, clothes, dresses, accessories, and bla bla bla

Don't believe??
Give you some examples...

Situation 1
I am getting ready to go for movie and dinner with my date.
me: I don't know what to wear my dear...
him: (looking at my almost-burst six-doors wardrobe with the 'disbelief' look in his eyes)

LESSON: We will never have enough clothes to wear. So buy more for us.
Situation 2
He appears to be smarter this time.
him: dear, just wear that white dress will do
me: which white dress?
him: that chiffon, knee-length, sleeveless one (thinking that he is specific enough)
me: which one??? (while holding more than 5 dresses matching his criteria..)
him: fainted

LESSON: Guys should know every girl owns tons of LBD and LWD

Situation 3
When we go shopping
me: Wow! Look at that gorgeous bag! I want to buy it!
him: I thought you already have a lot of bag
me: Well, that is black bag and black bag is AN essential and A MUST in every girls' wardrobe
him: but you already have 3456789 black bags in your collection
me: but this is different, this is studded one
him: you just bought 4567 studded bags last week
me: but they aren't black!
him: but you do have 987 studded black bags
me: it is still different
him: which part?
me: zip, price tag, brand, shops, etc etc
him: vomit blood

LESSON: We, girls never bought anything 'similar'. So don't 'ngim ngim ngam ngam' when we buy things

MYTH: Girls love to buy designers label
FACT: Girls NOT ONLY love designers label, but they love others too. Eg. vintage, DIY, handmade, high street, departmental and you name it!

MYTH: Girls love only RICH guys
FACT: Girls love young, handsome, romantic, caring, smart, cute, RICH guys

MYTH: Girls are always fashionably late
FACT: Girls are NEVER late. It just you are too early.

MYTH: Most girls are materialistic
FACT: All girls are materialistic

Hope the above help you, dude.

Monday, 21 December 2009

Absolute Panties

I think my friend, Brian is such a creative person as he can transforms an 'ordinary' thong into something unique. Now the thong looks 100000x more beautiful than it actually is.
Thanks Brian!